• Sample of Maidat Work
  • Sample of Maidat Work
  • Sample of Maidat Work

Maidat Contracting Company

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Maidat Contracting Company was founded in early 1412 AH corresponding to 1992 AD , in response to modern

developments and the remarkable growth of the construction boom and the construction sector in the Kingdom of

Saudi Arabia , and is headquartered in the city of Mecca , has been achieved record growth rates of the company and

placed in the ranks of big companies classified due respect Labour excellent recognized service , which was achieving

the speed and commitment schedules and standards and through the support and development of the human

qualified staff and competent , which consists of a number of engineers , technicians and workers of all construction

and architectural disciplines with follow developments in scoop of works , and that includes the company's work the

following main specilaliztions : 

  1. General contractor for the building .
  2. Maintenance and operation of commercial enterprises and industrial plants .
  3. Electrical Works .
  4. Agribusiness and maintenance of green spaces and landscaping .
  5. Gypsum works , interior decoration and design .
  6. Air conditioning and refrigeration business , business , and mechanical works .
  7. Water works , sewage and storm water drainage .


And since 2004 has been to specialize in the field of residential towers with not forgetting the special section of private residential buildings , and the company is classified at the rating agency contractors primarily in the area of buildings , varying less in other fields .


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Maidat Contracting Company Mecca - neighborhood Awali - Juffali Street
Home following terms of reference:
   1. The general contractor for the building.
   2. maintenance and operation of businesses and factories.
   3. electrical wo

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