• Sample of Maidat Work
  • Sample of Maidat Work
  • Sample of Maidat Work

Praise be to God alone ... MAIDAT Company was an idea became a reality, started a sole proprietorship in 1412 - 1992, a small number of employees not more than fifty individuals and projects are limited and small not exceeding five million riyals, with the continuous desire in the development and diversity of activities and their projects, and with team work increases the number of its members to eight hundred individual projects worth more than half a billion riyals has become necessary to convert it from a sole proprietorship to a limited liability company has achieved this in 1431 AH -2010 AD in conjunction with obtaining a certificate of quality ((ISO 9001 and the classification of contractors in the second-class buildings.

MAIDAT Company not only to work in the field of general contracting only, but also entered in the Trade and Industry, and still the company is working aggressively to reach the highest levels of quality in project implementation

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Medat Contracting Company Mecca - neighborhood Awali - Juffali Street
Home following terms of reference:
   1. The general contractor for the building.
   2. maintenance and operation of businesses and factories.
   3. electrical wor

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